Have you ever wondered what a San Antonio water softener does? Anybody who lives in Texas knows that it’s tough to live without soft water. The dry skin, the dry hair, the corrosion around the faucets, the rings around the toilet bowl, they’re all tough to live with. So taking action and calling a company like Alamo Water Softeners to talk to you about San Antonio softer water is really a smart move.

If you want to know what a San Antonio water softener does, our team at Alamo can give you an ear full. You see, water softeners are made to remove the positively charged molecules that cause hardness in your water. The magnetic attraction of those molecules to negatively charged resin in the water softener is what ultimately softens your water. Once the resin is loaded with hard water particles, the softener goes into regeneration mode and starts the process all over again. Softeners that use salt use the salt’s magnetic charge to loosen the hard particles from the resin and flush it away.

That may be a simplified version on what takes place in a water softener, but when you have our experts from Alamo come out to check the water in your home, they’ll show you exactly what takes place and why softened water in San Antonio will be good for you, your family, and all the pipes and appliances in your home.

So if you want to know what a San Antonio water softener does and how it can help you have softer water, give us a call at (210) 274-6122 and make an appointment. We’ll be happy to come out and test your water and show you just exactly what an Alamo water softener can do for you. We’ll have you save money on appliance repairs and you’ll have softer skin and shinier hair too.


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