Have you ever stayed at a friend’s house and noticed how much more lather you get from your soap when you take a shower? You use the same soap at home but you never see so many suds and your skin never feels so silky soft. And when you wash your hair it feels softer and is more manageable than it is when you wash it in your own home. Have you ever had this experience? If you have and you’re wondering what the difference is, it could be that your friend has an Alamo water softener in his home. Softer water makes a difference in the look and feel of your hair and skin, so it may be time for you to upgrade to softer San Antonio water by calling Alamo for a consultation.

You see, when you upgrade to softer San Antonio water, you and everyone else in the family will notice a difference, not only in your hair and your skin, but you’ll notice a difference in the time it takes to clean your faucets. You see, when you have hard water in Texas, you’ll see white crystals forming on your faucets that will get harder and harder to clean off. Those crystals are from the extra minerals in your Texas hard water. Those minerals are not only collecting on your faucets, but you’ll notice the buildup in your toilet and on the ring around your tub. And when you go to wash down the walls in your shower, you’ll notice that film that’s hard to get off. That’s all caused by the excess minerals in your water that an Alamo water softener can remove for you.

So if you’d like your water to feel as soft and make your hair and skin look and feel better, why not upgrade to softer San Antonio water? Call Alamo Water Softeners today at 210-274-6122 and let us check out your Texas water for you. It’s time for you to have San Antonio softer water in your home.


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