Hard Water Can Cause Many Problems

Hard Water in San AntonioThere are probably very few people who give much if any thought to the water that comes out of their tap, whether that be in their homes or workplaces.

The truth is that although most people would be hard pressed to say what kind of water they have, whether hard or soft, they are usually painfully aware of the aftereffects of hard water. This can include calcified bathroom and kitchen fixtures, dry skin, dishes with soap spots, little or no lather from soaps, and others.

Soft Water Solves Many Hard Water Issues 

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem of hard water: soft water, and what are often easy ways to get it. San Antonio has several good sources.

Unknown to most people, almost all water that comes to homes and offices through the tap have some types of impurities in it. San Antonio is no different. Water contains various levels of mainly two impurities: calcium and magnesium. This contact occurs when water comes into contact with rocks and other sediment on its way to homes. When water is hard, these impurities accumulate wherever it is deposited, most notably as bathtub rings, deposits on water fixtures, and other areas.

The only way to rid a home or office of hard water is to add some kind of soft water treatment to the water being fed into the pipes. This is done most often with a conventional treatment called ion-exchange, which changes the hard in-coming water ions for soft water ions. This process results in soft water replacing hard water in the home of office.

Most all treatments that are offered are effective to a greater or lesser degree. Unfortunately, there are also a few that are scams. These include operators who offer water softening devices and treatments that are so-called “chemical free,” but have never had their methods proven scientifically. There are also those who offer electro-magnetic methods of water softening, but these have never been proven effective either. This is not to say that these do not work, only that they have not been proven or disproven by the known laws of chemistry. After all, everyone knows that bumblebees cannot fly according to the known laws of physics, but it should also be noted that virtually everyone who offers these chemical free solutions have some sort of financial interest in the methods they are selling.

Residents of San Antonio should rely on reliable service providers when they desire approved soft water. As is the case with nearly every other part of the country, getting it is just a matter of asking a qualified provider.

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