If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to buy a Texas water softener, here are a few things to check out. Take a look at your silverware. Does it have all kinds of water spots on it? Do you see white streaks or cloudy white powder on your drinking glasses? If that film is tough to get off, chances are you need a water softener installed by Alamo Water Softeners.

Another way to determine if it’s time to buy a Texas water softener is to check out the amount of lather you have in the shower. Does your shampoo lather nicely when you wash your hair? And do you see a ring of soap scum on your bathtub when you get out? The ring on your toilet that’s tough as nails to get out is another sign that it’s time for you to call the team at Alamo and have them check to see what model of water softener is right for you.

Our team at Alamo is trained to check out your water and tell you about the excess minerals in your water. They’ll show you different models of water softeners and tell you what they can do to remove those excess minerals for you. When that happen and you have softer water in Texas, you’ll notice your skin and hair will feel better and your pipes will remain clog-free for much longer.

Once you’ve talked to our experienced team and they’ve shown you the difference between your Texas hard water and our Alamo soft water, you’ll know that it’s time to buy a Texas water softener for your home and your family. Give us a call today and let us show you how much better your water can feel and how much easier it will be to clean your faucets. You can reach Alamo at 210-274-6122 and make an appointment for one of our team members to visit your home.


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