Anyone who lives in San Antonio knows how bad our water is. Hard water can ruin your so many things in your home that you really can’t afford to be without a water softening system. One of the best and one of our most popular models is the Texas Vortech water softener.

One of the main reasons the Texas Vortech water softener is so popular is because of its increased action. The Vortech has a high flow design that is equipped with a high efficiency control valve. It uses self-cleaning nozzles and has a permanently attached dip tube that makes it easy to keep in place. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Vortech system reduces backwash by about 30% compared to other brands, which means there are fewer dead spots around the edge of your mineral tank.

Because of the exceptionally high and efficient softening of the Vortech system, it will reduce the annual salt consumption dramatically. In addition, the load capacity of the distributor plate is more than 6,500 pounds. The new, state-of-the-art control valve technology and the trademarked Vortech distribution system make this unit one of the most efficient and effective systems you’ll find on the market today.

Having a Texas Vortech water softener system in your home will make such a difference in your water that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one. Not only will your pipes be cleaner, but your appliances will last longer because there will be less mineral buildup in them. And when it comes to you and your family, you’ll notice differences in the softness of your skin and the silkiness and manageability of your hair. So when you’re ready to have the softest water possible with the most efficient water system there is, call on team at Alamo Water Softeners to show you how the Vortech water softener can make the water in your home much better. You can reach Alamo at 210-274-6122 during regular business hours.


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