Do you ever wonder how our Texas water gets so hard? One of the reasons would have to be the fact that as the water travels through the earth it picks up extra minerals. Those excess minerals are generally magnesium and calcium, and yes, your body does need them. When you have an Alamo Texas home water softener, it removes the excess calcium and magnesium that can give you dry skin and dry hair. It’s that excess calcium and magnesium that causes problems all over you home too.

If you don’t have a Texas home water softener, you probably see white scales on your kitchen faucet, your bathroom faucets, and even on your outdoor faucets. Now if you see that white powder on the outside of your faucets, imagine what’s accumulating on the inside of your pipes. Those same excess chemicals are building up inside your pipes and in time, those pipes will become so plugged that water won’t even be able to come out of them. At that point, you’re looking at some pretty high bills for a plumber to replace your pipes.

What’s the solution to having these problems with San Antonio hard water? Call Alamo and have our specialists install a Texas home water softener. When you have softer water you’ll notice it in all those same places where you saw the white powder buildup. In other words, there won’t be any white powder on your faucets or on the glassware coming out of your dishwasher. Your dishwasher and washing machine will run better without having water barely dribble into them. And you’ll notice your skin will have less flakes and so will your hair and scalp. So give Alamo a call today at 210-274-6122 and we’ll have one of our experts explain everything you need to know about soft water in San Antonio.


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