It doesn’t matter where you live in Texas, chances are you have hard water. The only question is, how hard is your water? Water quality is measured by grains of calcium carbonate per gallon or gpg. If you look at a hard water map of Texas, you’d see that the water in the entire state falls within the extremely hard (14 gpg), very hard (10 to 14 gpg) or hard (7 to 10 gpg). So what does it mean to have hard water in Texas? It means you need a Texas hard water solution from Alamo Water Softeners. You’ll love our San Antonio water softeners systems.

Hard water in Texas can be a much bigger problem than you might think, which is why you need our Texas hard water solution. You will you be able to tell you have hard water by the white buildup on the faucets in your sinks, bathtubs and showers. You’ll find that same film on your glass coffee pots, glasses that come out of your dishwasher and that scaley ring that forms in your toilet that’s so hard to scrub out.

Now if you can actually see the calcium forming in your home, imagine what’s forming and building up where you can’t see it. We’re talking about the insides of your pipes, the inside of your water heater, the inside of your dishwasher and in the water line going to your refrigerator. And that’s not the only place you’ll notice the effects of hard water. If you have dry, itchy skin, dull hair that doesn’t soap well in the shower, and rough-feeling towels and clothes, you know you’re in need of softer water.

It’s time for you to find the Texas hard water solution that’s right for you, so you should call 210-274-6122 and talk to our team about having an Alamo water softener installed. We’ll be happy to explain how our systems work and let you know which water softening unit is best for you.


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