If you’re like a lot of people in San Antonio, you’ve probably noticed the effects of hard water on your hair. If you visit a hair salon frequently, your technician may have even mentioned to you the coarseness of your hair and how it is incredibly dry and brittle. And have you ever noticed when you’ve gone on vacation to another state that your hair looks and feels completely different? It’s the thought of soft hair and Texas hard water that may cause you to think about your need for a water softener in San Antonio.

As you probably already know, San Antonio water is some of the hardest in the country. Because of the high content of calcium and magnesium it’s very damaging to your hair. And if you have hair that’s been colored, you might even notice that it fades faster or has a brassy look to it. That’s all a part of the problem with trying to have soft hair and Texas hard water.

Just like soap not lathering well when you shower, you’ll find that your shampoo won’t lather well when you wash your hair. There are actually some special shampoos you can use if you have hard water in San Antonio, but the bad thing about them is that they have an additional drying agent that makes your hair look and feel even worse.

So what’s the answer to soft hair and Texas hard water? A water softener from Alamo, of course. The softer your water, the softer your hair. And that’s just one of the many benefits of having an Alamo water softener put in your home. We’ll be happy to come out and test your water and show you the difference soft water can make. Give us a call at 210-274-6122 and we’ll be happy to send someone out to test your water and show you how we can help make your water softer and your hair happier.


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