If you’re tired of scrubbing your toilet endlessly to get the hard water stains out, and you’re not a fan of that ring around your bathtub, it’s time to say goodbye to Texas hard water and call the soft water experts at Alamo Water Softeners. Making sure you have soft water throughout your entire house will save you tons of time when it comes to keeping your house clean.

Do you realize the amount of time you spend cleaning because of hard water? Just think of all the work it takes to get rid of those stubborn stains in your tub. And if you use bath oils, it takes even more time to clean your bathtubs. The excess minerals in your San Antonio hard water make stains adhere to your tub and toilet and make it virtually impossible to get them out without scrubbing until your hands hurt. All that wasted time could be better spent with your family and friends, but as long as you have hard water in your Texas home, you can forget about spending time on anything but cleaning. Isn’t it time for you to say say goodbye to Texas hard water?

If you’d rather have fun than clean hard water stains, call on our team at Alamo Water Softeners to test your water for you. We’ll be happy to show you just how hard the water in your home is and explain what we can do to help you. We have several models of water softeners that can be installed to help you get back all the time you’ve been spending cleaning. Whether your best option is a Vortech System, an Alamo Sentry or any of the other water softener systems we offer, we’ll be able to share that information with you once we test the water in your home. If you’re ready to say goodbye to Texas hard water, give Alamo a call at 210-274-6122 and make an appointment today.


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