Water Softener San AntonioWater that contains a large amount of magnesium and calcium is usually referred to as hard water. Hard water is beneficial to human health since it contains essential minerals. However, the same minerals can cause serious plumbing problems as they lead to corrosion and clogging of pipes. Hard water also leaves deposits of minerals in bathtubs and sinks, making them look pale and discolored. It also increases difficulty of lathering in detergents and laundry soap. Water in San Antonio is no different since most of it is hard.

Water Softener Removes Ions That Makes Water Hard

water softener is added to hard water to remove the ions that makes it hard. Water softeners remove the hardness in water by dissolving the positively charged ions found in it. They specifically target the Mg2+and Ca2+ ions that are responsible for making water hard. Some also remove the iron minerals that contribute to the hardness of water. Water softeners operate manually, semi-automatically or automatically. A softener collects all the hard minerals in the conditioning tank and flushes them away in a drain. The ion exchanger used during the water softening process replaces the magnesium and calcium ions with others such as, potassium and sodium. In San Antonio, a water softener from a reputable company can last for many years, and still work effectively.

Benefits of A Water Softener

Water softening is very important since it reduces the hardness of water in homes and businesses. Hard water is responsible for clogging pipes that can lead to water leakages. It also minimizes the use of detergents and soaps during cleaning since soft water lathers easily. Hard water increases the possibility of lime scale deposits in water systems found in the household. Lime deposits reduce the efficiency of tanks and hot boilers and can also lead to blockage of pipes. This will lead to an increase in cost of water heating by approximately twenty percent. Lime deposits can also cause damage to other household machinery, such as a dish washer or a laundry machine. A water softener in San Antonio prolongs the lifespan of most household machines as well as pipes. It also improves the working of most water based applications within a home, such as air conditioning and solar heating systems.

In San Antonio, three water softeners— evaporated, solar and rock salt are mostly sold. A rock salt is usually mined underground and contains the natural minerals although it is not soluble in water. Solar salt is obtained by evaporating sea water and mainly contains sodium chloride. Evaporated salt is mined from underground salt deposits and the moisture evaporated. Soft water is safe for drinking since it has all the natural minerals needed by the body.

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