Water Softener – The Need For A Water System In San Antonio

Water Softener San AntonioIf you’re not from an area that has hard water you have no idea what people mean when they say that or what a water softener could possibly do to help you. Most natives of San Antonio have a water softener and even they may have a hard time explaining the process. Hard water simply means the water coming into your home has a high amount of dissolved mineral content. The area of San Antonio is known for having a high amount of minerals within its water system. The water itself is not generally harmful to a persons health but it is important to drink quality water. Depending upon the amount of each mineral the water may hold it could have a distinct or funny taste to it. Your skin is one of your most important and largest organs and it does not react well with hard water. It has the tendency to dry out your skin causing mild to severe irritation and numerous skin conditions, such as eczema to be exacerbated.

Disadvantages Of Not Having a Water Softener

Hard water is also one of the biggest factors for appliance and water heater failure. It can cause clogs in pipes and leave discoloring on anything that comes in contact with it. This is due to the calcification that forms when it comes in contact with pipes, fittings and any other area where there is a disruption in flow.

If you have ever visited San Antonio you can easily tell if you are staying somewhere that has a water softener. When cleaning with hard water you will notice the soap not lathering as well leaving you feeling dirty. It will also leave your hair feeling different due to the residue it leaves behind. Any hard water that comes in contact with soap will produce a precipitate which is an insoluble substance. This residue can be seen in the discoloring of clothes, plastic and a film left on everything else.

Water softeners are the least costly and most effective to treat your entire home water system. This is why you will find one installed in almost every home in San Antonio. They work by exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions (the minerals) with a more desirable ion such as sodium. The water softener does not just put salt in the water it utilizes a man made resin which holds positively charged cations(elements) and exchanges them with the ions in the water. This will leave you with a water that has been softened or one with less minerals found in it.

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