Hard water in Texas is something everyone expects. It really doesn’t matter where you live in Texas, the only question you need to ask is just how hard is the water in your area? And if you ask the experts at Alamo Water Softeners, we’ll test your water and tell you exactly how hard it is and how to protect your appliances with Texas soft water.

We can help protect your appliances with Texas soft water by installing an Alamo water softener in your home. You may not realize that hard water clogs your pipes and makes the water run slower into your washing machine and your dishwasher. With less water coming into those appliances, their efficiency in cleaning your clothes and your dishes will be much less. At the same time, because the excess minerals in hard water will continue to clog your pipes, you’ll be looking at those same minerals clogging up your appliances too. When that happens you’ll be looking at replacing those major appliances much sooner than necessary, and that’s just wasted money.

Now if you happen to have a refrigerator with water on the door, you’ll be looking at a similar problem. The water coming through the straw-sized hose leading to your water dispenser will get clogged with the same excess minerals as your washer and dryer and you’ll end up with an appliance working much less effectively for you. And don’t forget about the line that goes into your freezer for your ice maker. You’ll have the same problems happening there too.

So if you’d like to protect your appliances with Texas soft water, give the experts at Alamo Water Softeners a call and let us show you all the models we have that can take care of softening the water in your home. You can reach us at 210-274-6122 or 210-884-8256. We’ll come down and let you know which of our units will work best for you.


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