Hard Water in San Antonio

Hard Water in San AntonioIt is important that one utilize the proper water softener equipment to help soften their San Antonio home water supply. Hard water is naturally present in the San Antonio area and without taking steps to soften the water supply, it can wreak havoc on a home’s appliances as well as make for a longer lasting shower and also creates water deposits.

When an individual uses a water softener, the unit is capable of filtering all of the water supply into the home from the water main. A water softener unit is connected to the water in-line of a property so that the water is softened before re-entering the property and making it’s way throughout the home’s water lines.

A typical water softener unit allows the water to be brought through the water in-line into the water softener tank itself where it is filtered through salt pellets. These salt pellets capture the minerals and other deposits in the water so that the result is soft water instead of hard water.

Using soft water in the home benefits many different areas of the home. For example, shower water will feel much softer coming out of the shower head and people will be able to wash soaps and shampoo off much easier. With non-softened water, shampooing or washing soap off takes much longer because the hard water molecules attach to the soap molecules thereby making it take much longer to wash off.

Non-softened water can also clog up a shower head with mineral and calcium deposits which make it harder for water to get through. When using soft water, the water does not accumulate hard water buildup in the shower head or leave water deposits on the shower doors.

There are also many other benefits to using soft water when it comes to the kitchen sinks and other appliances like the hot water heater of a home. A kitchen sink can also accumulate water deposits just like a shower head can. With enough calcium and other water deposits onto the kitchen tap, it can eventually start to break the seals within the tap itself and cause it to leak underneath the kitchen sink.

The same problems can also happen with a hot water heater. Because water must travel through a standard water heater, the minerals, calcium and other deposits in hard water can cause the tank itself to deteriorate on the inside which can cause leaks.

All of these many things can be avoided with the installation of a water softener. Not only will an individual’s San Antonio home and appliances benefit, but they will also benefit themselves from softer and cleaner clothes, better showers and a better quality of water.

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