If you live in San Antonio you know all about hard water stains in Texas. You have hard water stains on your kitchen faucet, your bathroom faucets, your bathtub faucets and your shower faucets. It’s one of those things you’re probably so used to seeing that you don’t even realize it’s something you could get rid of pretty easily by having an Alamo Water Softener installed.

Hard water stains in Texas don’t just show up on faucets in your home. You’ll see the white powdery substance on your shower doors too. And talk about something that’s hard to get rid of, hard water stains on glass or fiberglass shower doors can take you hours to remove. If you miss cleaning your toilets for a week or two, chances are you’ll find hard water stains around the toilet bowl too.

Now if you’re seeing these types of stains in your home, imagine what that hard water is doing to your pipes. That white powdery dust that’s on your faucets actually builds up inside your pipes until there’s so much that your water runs slower and can even stop completely. And imagine what that hard water is doing to your washing machine and your dishwasher. Chances are the excess calcium is building up in your appliances and is going to make them break down much sooner than they should.

So what’s the solution to these hard water problems? Let us install an Alamo water softener for you. Softening your water will get rid of the excess calcium and other minerals that are causing the problems with hard water stains in Texas. An Alamo water softener will give you more manageable hair, softer skin and a lot less work when you clean your bathrooms. So give Alamo a call at 210-274-6122 and let us show you how we can solve your San Antonio hard water problems.



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