How do you know if you have hard water? Does it splash hard when it comes out of your faucet? Does it come out in clumps? Of course not! Obviously, those are just silly questions that nobody would ask about hard water. But the question remains, how can you tell if you have hard water? One way is to look for the hard water deposits in San Antonio that are evident around your house.

When you have hard water, you’ll see hard water deposits in San Antonio on your kitchen and bathroom faucets. It’s that white scum you see around the faucet and the buildup on your showerhead. Calcium deposits from hard water will also attach to your toilet bowl and make it incredibly tough to get off without scrubbing with special cleansers over and over again. Unfortunately, this condition is not unusual anywhere in Texas, as we’re a state that’s known for really hard water.

So what does this hard water do to you and your family? First of all, if it can cause such tough stains on your faucets, showerheads and toilets, imagine what it’s doing to the inside of those water pipes. Then imagine what it’s doing to your skin and your hair. We’ve already confirmed that you can see the hardness of the water coming out of your faucets. But you can see the effects of hard water on your skin as it flakes and the flakes that come out of your hair due to dry skin.

If these things sound familiar to you and you’re tired of living with hard water deposits in San Antonio all over your home, call the experts at Alamo Water Softeners and let us show you how you can have soft water in San Antonio. There’s no need to put up with hard water damaging your faucets, pipes, appliances and hot water heater. You don’t need to deal with dry skin and hair. Call Alamo today at 210-274-6122 and let us install an Alamo Water Softener in your home. You’ll love having soft water in San Antonio.


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