Hard water spots are everywhere. You can see them in the white powder that’s on your kitchen faucet, your bathroom faucets and you even have white crystals on your outdoor water faucets. And let’s not forget those glass shower doors with all the white hard water scum on them. There’s just not getting away from it. If you live in Texas, you’re going to have a tough time fixing your Texas hard water and all the problems it brings. Unless…

Unless you talk to the experts at Alamo Water Softeners and have an Alamo whole house water softener put in your house. Have you ever visited a neighbor or friend and checked out their faucets? Did you notice that they didn’t have any white crystals on their kitchen faucet? Did you purposely go to the bathroom just to see if there was any sign of hard water there? If you didn’t find any of the telltale hard water stains, chances are your neighbors have an Alamo water softener in their home. Don’t you wonder why they didn’t bother to tell you that they found the solution and are now fixing your Texas hard water with a whole house water softener?

There’s no need to wonder or worry about hard water any longer. Just give the soft water experts at Alamo Water Softeners a call and let us show you what a whole house water softener can do for you. We’ll come out and test your water for you and tell you which of our system would work best for your needs. Whether you need our Alamo Gold or Alamo Sentry or one of our units that has Clack valves, we’ll put a deal together that you’ll love. So when you’re ready to learn about fixing your Texas hard water, give the experts at Alamo Water Softeners a call. You can reach us at 210-274-6122 to make an appointment.


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