Just about everybody in San Antonio knows that we have hard water. You can see proof of it every day when you see film on your drinking glasses when you take them out of the dishwasher. You can see it and feel it on your skin when it’s dry and flaky. Your brittle hair and flakes that fall onto your shoulders are more signs you have hard water in your home. And let’s not forget about those big chunks of white crumbs from calcium deposits around your faucet that are so big they look like they’re about to form salt cubes. We all know that these problems are caused by excess minerals in San Antonio hard water.

Calcium and magnesium are the biggest culprits when it comes to causing water problems around your house. Too much of these excess minerals in San Antonio hard water are what cause problems like the ones just described, plus many more. If you’ve ever had to replace a pipe that’s clogged with calcium deposits, you know what a pain it can be – not to mention the expense. And replacing an appliance, like your dishwasher, because the lines are plugged and the mechanisms have been destroyed is costly too. Not to mention the bad taste of water coming from your refrigerator door because of all the excess minerals in your water. That is, IF the water is still flowing out of that tiny spout. Many of them get clogged because of the poor water quality.

The cost of having excess minerals in San Antonio hard water is much more than most people realize. That’s why the cost of an Alamo water softener pays for itself in a very short time. When you call Alamo at 210-274-6122, one of our soft water experts will be happy to talk with you and find out what type of water softener system would be best for you. The longer you wait, the more time your pipes have to clog! Call now, 210-274-6122.


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