Anyone who lives in Texas knows how hard our water is. You see signs of it on your faucets with those little white crusty crystals that are so hard to clear off. You see signs of hard water in the rings on your bathtub and toilet bowl, and wow are those are to scrub off. Those issues alone are reason enough to buy a water softener in Texas from Alamo Water Softeners.

But if that doesn’t convince you, think about this. If you’re seeing signs of hard water on your faucets, bathtubs and toilet bowls, imagine the excess minerals that are accumulating that you’re NOT seeing. We’re talking about the mineral buildup in your pipes. Have you noticed that your water is running slower than normal through your pipes? All those excess minerals that are in your San Antonio hard water are latching on to each other inside your pipes, and eventually all that scum will completely stop the water from coming out. When that happens, the bill from your plumber will probably blow your mind. It may be time to buy a water softener in Texas from Alamo Water Softeners.

In addition to the problems your hard water will cause in your pipes, you need to think about what it’s doing to your appliances that use water. Have you noticed that you’ve had to call in repairmen for your icemaker or your washing machine? That same gunk that clogs your pipes is the stuff that can clog up your dishwasher and the water coming out of your refrigerator door.

Before the hard water in your home causes any more problems in your home, call the experts at Alamo Water Softeners and let us come down and test your water for you. We’ll show you which of our water softeners would be best for you and give you a great deal on a unit that will give you soft water in San Antonio. You can reach us at (210) 274-6122 to make an appointment with one of our soft water specialists. If you’re ready to buy a water softener in Texas, we’ll be happy to help.



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