Have you noticed that no one in your family is drinking enough water? Have you asked them why? Even though people realize that water is good for them, if the water they’re drinking doesn’t taste good, chances are they won’t drink it. In fact, nobody like bad tasting drinking water in Texas, yet most homes only have bad tasting water.

If you are drinking water straight from the tap in your home, chances are you have bad tasting drinking water in Texas. Why? Because there are tons of excess minerals in our water that give it a terrible taste. So if you’d like to see your family drinking more water in San Antonio, call on the experts at Alamo Water Softeners and let us show you how you can have a reverse osmosis drinking water unit installed in your home. You can have up to 50 gallons of pure water coming from your faucet with our reverse osmosis under counter unit. You won’t need to lug bottled water home from the store when you can have pure, clean water coming right out of your faucet.

Our Alamo drinking water system is more advanced than those faucet filters or pitchers you put in the frig. Our reverse osmosis unit uses a special membrane configuration that uses carbon and sediment filters that will eliminate unpleasant odors and unwanted tastes in your water. You’ll have fresh tasting, clean drinking water all day, every day from the advanced reverse osmosis drinking water system.

So if you’re tired of lugging 5 gallon bottles of water home from the store or warehouse club every week, and you’re ready to have clean, fresh water right from your kitchen sink, call Alamo Water Softeners at 210-274-6122. We’ll be happy to show you how to eliminate bad tasting drinking water in Texas and save time and money with pure reverse osmosis drinking water from the faucets in your home.


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