Anyone who lives in San Antonio, or anywhere in the entire state of Texas for that matter, knows the importance of softening the water in their home. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing unusual, it’s just a fact of life that the water in Texas is very hard. Why is that? Because there are tons of extra minerals in Texas water and those minerals need to be removed for you to have a better life with better water. So anyone who wants to improve the quality of your water by adding an affordable Texas soft water to their home should call the experts at Alamo Water Softeners for help.

Whether you’re just building a new home or you have purchased an older home, one of the first things you need to do is to be sure you have an affordable Texas soft water in that home. Having soft water in a new home can save you thousands of dollars in the long run on pipe replacement alone. You’ll avoid all those extra minerals that can clog your pipes and do damage to appliances like your washer, dish washer and even the tap on your refrigerator door. Having soft water in your home from day one will make a big difference in the problems you have with the pipes as well as your appliances.

If you have recently purchased an older home, let one of our experts come out to test your water and show you the affordable Texas soft water that will work best for you. And if you have us come out during the month of March, you could qualify for a free reverse osmosis drinking water system with your purchase and installation. So don’t wait and miss out on this incredible offer. Call Alamo today at 210-274-6122 and let us help you get soft water in San Antonio for your whole house.


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